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Updated: Jan 13

Bathroom Remodeling Q and A

Hi I'm Curtis Snellings, the Owner and Operator of FL Bath & Remodel LLC. When it comes to remodeling your space there are plenty of questions that need to be answered prior to choosing a remodeler and an installation.

In this introductory blog i'll answer questions that are common to moving forward with a bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Ocala, FL

First things first. What exactly do you need? Once you have figured out the scope of the work for your bathroom remodel that can help narrow down the search.

Make sure when searching for your bathroom remodeler they meet criteria that is important to you. Here are some questions to ask when considering partnering with a remodeler.

1. Do they detail and have previous work of the what you will require?

2. How may years have they been in business in your community?

3. Are there reviews and testimonials from legitimate sources? Are said reviews from actual work or simple interactions?

4. Can they provide plenty of references or even in-person examples of work? Work that is several years old is beneficial to see what you can expect.

5. Are they licensed and insured?

6. What are the products that you're receiving? Get to know the in and out of everything installed in your new bathroom as not all products are created equal.

7. How will they take care of your home during a remodeling project?

8. What is expected from them and yourself?

9. Do they guarantee their work and, if so, how?

10. When considering your budget, make sure you're remodeler can help meet your expectations without sacrificing quality. Wish list vs. standards.

The above questions should be at worst the best starting line to knowing and understanding if you should or shouldn't consider a Remodeler to fit in your box.

Check out our about | services page or leave a question to be answered.

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Curtis Snellings
Curtis Snellings
Jul 09

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